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Finally, security you can trust.

Launching Service into the Stratosphere

Our commitment to customer service has always been the cornerstone of our core mission. But that service moves to a new level through Amphion Integrated Solutions (AIS). This offering will take the reliability, integrity and passion you’ve come to expect from our team, and the dedicated security suite they provide, and enhance this capability through alarm monitoring to identify and correct any protection gaps in your current system.

Through AIS reporting, you can answer critical and challenging questions such as:

  • What is my worst location for false alarms?
  • What location is being burglarized the most?
  • When are my locations really opening and closing?

In short, you can finally gain visibility into any issues that may have been suspicious, but previously were hard to lock down. It’s the kind of visibility that can raise your game on asset protection and enable you to start dynamically attacking shrink. It’s a new path to redefining your profitability equation.

One source for all your security needs

The foundation of AIS is built through our long-standing relationships with some of nation’s finest security subcontractors. These relationships extend the reach of Amphion’s dedicated service and install support teams to ensure that you can consistently work with the same teams within your own restaurants or retail establishments. In short, we’ve built out the infrastructure to ensure that our teams become an extension of your own business and have the same dedication and commitment to protecting it as you.

By providing you with the ability to integrate systems that work well together, you can have confidence in the final performance of your security portfolio. Here’s an example: By installing CCTV systems and access control systems through on source that can integrate the two systems effectively, the CCTV system can record at a higher IPS rate (images-per-second) whenever a particular area, such as a retailer’s cash office, is entered. This saves the DVR’s hard drive space during the periods when no one is inside the designated area of observation.

Even more important is what happens after the installation, when you are receiving Amphion’s radically high level of customer service and technical support all from one provider. When you work with someone that specializes in multiple profit protection/shrink reducing technologies and services, you can call one number and talk to a representative who is well-versed on all LP/AP solutions.

Through multiple redundant layers of both technology and talent, we have created an entirely new system to safeguard your business, built upon the consistent, high-quality reputation that you’ve come to expect from Amphion.