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Top 10 Rules for Handling Disruptive Restaurant Guests

Regardless of the type of restaurant one may work in, there will always be a guest that occasionally gets aggressively upset over anything from waiting too long for their food, to slipping and

White Paper: All Eggs in One Basket – Benefiting from Single-Source Solutions Providers

All Eggs in One Basket Benefiting from Single-Source Solutions Providers

Holiday Help! A Holiday Security eBook for Restaurants

As the Holiday Season closes in, Loss Prevention, Safety and Security professionals are gearing up for the increase of issues that comes with it. Robberies, burglaries, thefts and other crimes

Unfriending Unwanted Guests – When Public Restrooms Become Public Drugrooms

A middle-aged man was found dead in a restroom inside a Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse. The cause of death was believed to be a drug overdose. If this seems surprising, then sample this quick Google

Churn Me Loose: The Top 5 Customer Service Mistakes

Customer churn rate - that nasty measurement executives hate to talk about when it increases. Customers divorce retailers for a whole host of reasons. However, every type of business is concerned

We Are Amphion: Jacob Serbantez, Project Manager

When it comes time for Amphion’s Project Manager Jacob Serbantez to prioritize his work load, he goes for what is hard first. “Difficult tasks take the most amount of time,” says Jacob. He also

We Are Amphion: Anita Cooke, Billing Manager

Every once in a while, Amphion’s Billing Manager Anita Cooke has to take her 'Work Ethic' temperature. Growing up in a big household where there was never enough to go around and leaving home at

The ‘Broken Promise’ Phenomenon

The 'Broken Promise' Phenomenon Disappointment Everyone can relate to how it feels when an anticipated outcome fails to come to fruition. People in our lives tend to let us down occasionally,

Confusingly Complex Television (CCTV)

The Muddy Waters of Technology CCTV systems are like Pin Pads. Every retailer has them, but no one really knows how they work. This is because the technology driving vital members of the

Amphion Honored at California Small Business Day™ 2017

Sacramento, CA (June 20, 2017) — Amphion was honored by Assemblyman Marc Steinnorth at California Small Business Day™ as Small Business of the Year in AD 40. Amphion was celebrated for their hard