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Restaurants and retailers continue to face security risks associated with civil unrest, workplace violence, and threats to their properties. Organizations need dependable and redundant layers of technology and talent to safeguard their business. A common pitfall many businesses encounter is implementing legacy stand-alone systems that are unable to offer additional value. An integrated solution is a perfect fit for organizations that seek to create synergies and value from their security investment.


What is Amphion Integrated Solutions

 Amphion’s Integrated Solutions (AIS) is a multi-layer physical security solution (CCTV, access control and intrusion detection) working together to provide retail and restaurant businesses with greater value and protection. By providing businesses with the ability to integrate systems that synergize together, they have growing confidence in the performance of their security portfolio. The foundation of AIS is built through long-standing relationships with some of nation’s finest security technicians. These relationships extend the reach of Amphion’s dedicated service and installation teams to ensure quality and consistency. AIS combines the necessary infrastructure with fanatical service to ensure customers succeed, in their own business, through the services provided.



 Taking a comprehensive approach to integrating multiple layers of physical security solutions offers a range of benefits that are far greater than the sum of their parts. For example, businesses that utilize closed-circuit television (CCTV) and access control systems will realize the benefits that each solution brings to the table. However, by installing CCTV systems and access control systems through one source that can integrate the two solutions effectively, a synergy is formed. The interconnected CCTV system can now record at a higher IPS rate (images-per-second) whenever a particular control point, such as a retailer’s cash office, is entered. Additionally, this saves DVR hard-drive space during times when no one is inside the designated area of observation. These value-added synergies can only exist through an integrated services approach, such as AIS.


Visibility & Reporting

 Integrated services allow businesses to gain better visibility into their operation and surface potential opportunities before they become problematic. Enhanced reporting capability, by integrating alarm monitoring, helps businesses to identify and correct security gaps that exist in the organization. Through AIS reporting, you can answer critical and challenging questions such as:

  • What are the most opportunistic locations for false alarms?
  • What location is being burglarized the most?
  • When are locations really opening and closing?

LP / AP leaders need this level of proactive reporting to dynamically attack shrink and effect meaningful change. AIS is a new path to redefining the profitability equation.


Single Source

 One of the greatest benefits of integrated services is having all layers of security managed by a single-source provider. This model streamlines the management, speed, and support needed to keep these security solutions fully operational, minimizing any downtime. AIS delivers a radically high level of customer service and technical support from one provider, by aligning all solution support through highly specialized technicians. AIS technicians specialize in multiple asset protection/shrink reducing technologies and services. Calling one number and being able to talk to a representative who is well-versed on all LP/AP solutions is understandably a main reason why many LP/AP executives continue to migrate toward an Amphion single-sourcing model.


Amphion Service

Amphion’s commitment to customer service has always been the cornerstone of their core mission. That service moves to a new level through Amphion Integrated Solutions (AIS). This offering will take the reliability, integrity, and passion businesses come to expect from their team, and the dedicated security suite they provide, and enhance this capability through specialized monitoring to identify and correct any protection gaps in their customer’s current system.

Need more answers?  Just ask Amphion! We can help!  Access Control, CCTV, Alarms — we’ve got you covered!


About Amphion

Amphion is a security integrator delivering unmatched service to national restaurant and retail guests across the country. Specializing in loss prevention and security products and services, they are the one-stop-shop to safeguard your business assets.

Amphion manufactures and supplies the highest quality security products available on the market today! Access Control Systems (SFIC keying systems, InstaKey, Biometrics and Aiphone), SOLINK ANALYTICS, CCTV, NVR’s, DVR’s, Custom Safes (Amsec, Fire King, Tidel, Gunnebo Cash Recycler Systems), Safe Locks (ESL, Securam, LPlocks), Counterfeit Detectors, Exit Control door hardware (Detex, Alarm Lock, Code Locks), and much more.

With its nationally renowned technical support task force, Amphion provides certified technicians on-site within four hours, 7-days a week, 365 days a year. With a California-based, live 24-hour, technical support team and a comprehensive service management model, no one stands behind their products and services like Amphion.

To contact Amphion, call (800) 520-2677, or visit Amphion.biz.

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