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At Amphion, we’re proud of the foundation of excellence that we have built into our service-oriented culture. And now we’re excited to extend this foundation into a new division, Amphion Integrated Solutions (AIS) to provide alarm monitoring in addition to our existing product and service offerings.

What you can expect is that the reliability, communication, the consistency and redundancy of service that you have come to expect from Amphion will now be found in AIS. And through AIS, you will gain reporting and insight to answer the critical questions that businesses face every day, including:

  • Which of my locations have the highest false alarms?
  • What location is being burglarized the most?
  • Which locations are opened or closed?

Why our focus on service is so important

There’s been discussion lately about the concept of good customer service growing and refining into a higher notion of customer success. Too often, companies define customer service as the idea of responding to negative situations and interactions that a business has provided to their customers and now they are trying to address the initial shortcomings. But customer success is defined by delivering an overwhelmingly positive experience in the first place. It should proactively address issues before they happen and be built around helping customers succeed in their own business through the services provided.

At Amphion, we couldn’t agree more. And that means we work to protect the critical revenue, physical infrastructure—and most importantly—the people that make up the livelihoods of our customers. We work constantly to improve our service in terms of quality, responsiveness, consistency and value so that we continually get better over time.

Extending the reach of a service-oriented culture

The importance of service to our organization also means that our clients need access to local support that can ensure you have a familiar and trusted point of contact to meet all of your security needs. To address this, we maintain long-standing relationships with some of nation’s finest security partners. These relationships extend the reach of Amphions’s dedicated service and install support teams to ensure that you can consistently work with the same teams within your own restaurants or retail establishments. In short, we’ve built out the infrastructure to ensure that our teams become an extension of your own business and have the same dedication and commitment to protecting it as you.

And when you receive Amphion’s radically high level of customer service and technical support all from one provider, you work with someone that specializes in multiple profit protection/shrink reducing technologies and services. That mean calling one number and talking to a representative who is well-versed on all LP/AP solutions.

Through multiple redundant layers of both technology and talent, we have created an entirely new system to safeguard your business, built upon the consistent, high-quality reputation that you’ve come to expect from Amphion.

We stand ready to serve. We hope AIS increases your confidence and peace of mind when securing your business and we look forward to demonstrating just how powerful a tool it can be for loss prevention and asset protection.

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