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Although Halloween is meant to be a fun day; celebrated by all, filled with candy, costumes and excitement, many do not realize it can also be quite disastrous for both them or their business. While some are out enjoying the night, others are using the added chaos on the street as an opportunity to hide in plain sight. On Halloween, vehicles are TWICE as likely to be broken into or vandalized.

  • Make sure your personal vehicle is in a well-lit area or in a secured lot or garage.
  • Make sure your business parking lot is well-lit and all lights are functional.
  • Make sure you and your staff are aware to be extra cautious while backing out of parking spaces as masks and dark costumes can limit visibility for drivers and children.
  • Make sure all drivers are extra cautious during deliveries, both of their destinations and surroundings at all times. Go slower to watch for little pedestrians, make sure to lock your vehicle and remain in well-lit areas for your safety.

A whimsical night to dress up and be whomever you want to be, or a night for criminals to conceal their identity while blending into the crowd?

  • Post signs asking patrons to remove all masks within your establishment and tell employees to be extra vigilant observing who is coming and going.
  • With the added foot traffic on the roads, be extra cautious not to allow intoxicated patrons to drive.

Young children can be easily distracted and unaware of their surroundings and parents should make sure their child is reminded of the dangers on the road before going trick-or-treating.

  • Young children have a tendency to dart through parked cars or cross streets without looking. Make sure to remind your children about car and road safety; walk don’t run. Drivers might not see children, so make sure your child takes the time to look for drivers.
  • Costumes can limit your child’s visibility and mobility; make sure everything is properly fitted to your child as to reduce risk of injury to your child and others.
  • As children sprint from house to house in a dash to collect all the candy they can, they will pass many Jack-O’-Lanterns. Not everyone will think to use battery operated candles and long flowing costumes risk being ignited when passing over flames; trim any long extensions flowing off costumes.

Making sure to avoid all these obstacles can be tough, but these are just a few tips to keep your business and family safe to have a magical evening. At Amphion, we care about you and your family and wish our readers a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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