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Last year the global surveillance market grew to $45.5 billion. It is expected to exceed $75 billion by the year 2025. Clearly, businesses understand the need to provide safety and security for their most valuable assets as they continue to make meaningful investments in this technology. But why would businesses continue to dedicate significant percentages of their budget for something that is rarely used?

Let me explain…

The vast majority of surveillance video is recorded to a storage drive, sits for 30, 60, maybe 90 days before it is eventually over-written with new video. During that timeframe, reviewed video for incidents, investigations, etc. accounts for less than 1% of all recorded video.

Meanwhile, investments in other solutions such as exception-based reporting, theft prevention systems, and security services are being utilized to their full potential. Ten years ago, there was not an economical way to produce added value from traditional analog or digital CCTV systems. Today, however, CCTV has harnessed the power of connectivity and business intelligence. Achieve a greater return on your surveillance investment with an online video management platform that unlocks the hidden value in the industry’s most underappreciated technology. Loss prevention leaders that understand the value proposition associated with the current advancements in surveillance video and managed services will solve for the current gaps in streaming, business intelligence, and solution integration.

When people hear “cloud” combined with video surveillance they often think of cloud recording, and they know that’s not what they ‘re looking for. However, a more powerful and flexible option is available that combines the advantages of the cloud without forgoing the benefits of a local recorder. Cloud-managed video surveillance offers the convenience and intelligence of the cloud and the reliability of a physical recorder. Below are a few things you probably did not know about cloud-managed system that will have you making the change before the next 30 days of video go to waste:

Streaming Benefits

Recording takes place locally for increased recording performance and reliability. When users access video primarily on the local area network, an on-premises recorder can drastically improve the user experience. Video can be streamed entirely over the LAN without utilizing bandwidth through the internet connection. Remote connections are possible with the recorder’s persistent, lightweight connection to the cloud. This allows users to take advantage of powerful features only possible with a “cloud managed” platform.

Business Intelligence

Utilizing 100% of your recorder’s video means gaining new insight into your business’s operations with alerts and reports available through Amphion’s partnership with OpenEye. Real-time alerts and notifications, with video verification, improve response time and identify inefficiencies to keep your business safe and secure. Having access to this business intelligence will improve customer service, identify areas that employees need additional training, and prevent downtime with reports on all your systems managed through the cloud.

Using OpenEye loss prevention solutions, businesses can also identify fraud at all levels of your operation, from cashiers to general managers, or customers. Point of sale integration provides a deeper look into return fraud, coupon manipulation, voids, and under-ringing. OpenEye helps set apart intentional fraud from instances of poor operations management. With POS data overlaid on the video, it is possible to watch for troublesome operational areas in each store and identify the root cause of an operational deficiency and training opportunities.

Streamline operations

A video surveillance system isn’t just a recorder connected to cameras. It is an IoT device allowing users to conveniently access video from anywhere. But updating the settings on remote clients, creating service tickets every time a manager gets a new phone, and troubleshooting connection issues can be a major burden on IT. Cloud-managed systems use Single sign-on and roaming user profiles to make the process of managing access quick, easy, and painless for both the user and the IT department.

Making sure systems are online and working properly can be a full-time job on its own. Often IT resorts to using costly 3rd party software solutions or gets a surprise call when an incident has occurred, but users can’t connect to the system to view the video. Spend less time managing a crisis or running manual checks on your systems. Automated health monitoring on a cloud-managed video surveillance system will send alert notifications to let you know in real-time when a camera experiences video loss, when a recorder isn’t responding or when a hard drive needs attention.

Just ask Amphion

Choose Amphion as your cloud-managed video surveillance partner because we deliver a comprehensive approach to loss prevention products and services laser-targeted to the unique needs of restaurant and retail clients across the country. Our national service strategy is comprised only of Amphion certified technicians strategically located throughout the country. We utilize only the most efficient and skilled technicians to perform service and installations and by doing so, our customers enjoy the luxury of having to rely on a single resource for all their installation and service-related needs. This national service strategy affords our customers the most cost-effective and reliable service options, and that is why Amphion is widely recognized as a leading provider of physical security equipment and service for the Loss Prevention and Asset Protection industry.

About Amphion

Amphion is a security integrator delivering unmatched service to national restaurant and retail guests across the country. Specializing in loss prevention and security products and services, they are the one-stop-shop to safeguard your business assets.

Amphion manufactures and supplies the highest quality security products available on the market today! Access Control Systems (SFIC keying systems, InstaKey, Biometrics and Aiphone), OpenEye Web Services, SOLINK ANALYTICS, CCTV, NVR’s, DVR’s, Custom Safes (Amsec, Fire King, Tidel, Gunnebo Cash Recycler Systems), Safe Locks (ESL, Securam, LPlocks), Counterfeit Detectors, Exit Control door hardware (Detex, Alarm Lock, Code Locks), and much more.

With its nationally renowned technical support task force, Amphion provides certified technicians on-site within four hours, 7-days a week, 365 days a year. With a California-based, live 24-hour, technical support team and a comprehensive service management model, no one stands behind their products and services like Amphion.

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