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Security professionals, manufacturers and integrators faced unprecedented challenges in 2020 due to a year of violent crime, workplace violence, and theft coupled with disruption around the world’s supply chain. Despite these setbacks, they triumphed by leveraging innovative solutions that ensured safety for continued operations. After a year of reprieve from the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 saw an intensified wave of mass shootings and acts of aggression towards retailers, restaurants, and infrastructure.

As the retail and restaurant industry continues to evolve, businesses must stay ahead of technology to remain competitive. Moving ahead, retailers and restaurants must consider investing in physical security upgrades such as access control, smart safes, intrusion systems, and cloud-managed video.

Access Control

Access control is a critical component of security measures that help prevent crimes. By controlling who can enter a building or restricted area, access control systems limit the potential for criminal acts to be committed. Access control systems typically consist of authentication measures such as physical key systems and technological solutions such as proximity cards, biometrics, or facial recognition.

The purpose of access control systems is to safeguard property and physical safety, as well as the confidential information stored in restricted areas. By only allowing authorized individuals to enter, criminals are unable to gain access, thereby reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. Access control systems are also helpful in providing security from potential threats such as violence and data breaches, as only those with the right credentials can enter a restricted area.

Access control systems also help businesses save time and money by providing quick and efficient entry into buildings while minimizing the need for human supervision. By not having to rely on physical guards, companies can reduce costs associated with hiring personnel, while still providing a secure environment.

When it comes to security, access control is an invaluable tool that can help protect businesses, employees, and customers from potential threats. By controlling who enters a building or restricted area, access control systems limit the chances of criminal acts being committed, ultimately making for a safer and more secure environment.

Cash Control

Smart safes have become an essential tool in cash control and the prevention of crime. These advanced security devices provide multiple layers of protection, allowing businesses to keep their money secure while minimizing losses due to theft or other criminal activities. Smart safes feature a variety of innovative security measures, such as biometric authentication, GPS tracking, and remote access capabilities. These features make it nearly impossible for criminals to access the contents of a safe, as well as allow businesses and law enforcement agencies to quickly trace stolen funds and apprehend suspects.

In addition to providing enhanced security measures, smart safes also provide significant cost savings in terms of labor and energy costs. By allowing employees to securely store money without having to manually count cash, businesses can reduce the time and effort required to manage funds.

Overall, investing in a smart safe is a great way for businesses to increase security, reduce costs, and provide customers with an improved experience. By leveraging the latest technology and features available on these devices, businesses can greatly reduce the risks associated with cash handling and minimize losses due to theft. In an increasingly digital world, smart safes are critically important technology for any business looking to maximize security and protect their assets.

Burglary Control

Intrusion systems are considered one of the most effective ways to protect property and deter burglars. With the right technology and setup, these systems can detect intruders before they enter a business, alerting authorities in time for them to intervene.

In addition to detecting intrusion, these systems can also be used to monitor environmental factors such as smoke, gas, and flooding. With these features, businesses can quickly respond to any threats or hazards on their property.

Cloud Control

Cloud-managed video systems can provide businesses with a range of benefits that no other security system can. They offer an unbeatable level of protection, enabling businesses to monitor their premises remotely as well as detect and respond to any suspicious activity quickly and effectively. By using cloud-based video surveillance, organizations can also save money on expensive hardware costs, as well as providing the ability to easily access and store footage for later review.

Moreover, cloud-managed video systems allow businesses to track their operations more efficiently and effectively by providing real-time visibility on the activities of staff and customers. This provides invaluable insights into how employees are performing, what customers are buying, and where there might be areas of improvement.

Cloud-managed video systems also offer businesses the ability to monitor their premises from any device and location. This gives security leaders greater freedom and flexibility in managing their security operations, as well as allowing them to rapidly respond to any suspicious activity no matter where they are located.

By upgrading to a cloud-managed video system, loss prevention and operations leaders can ensure their premises remain secure and well-managed while they focus on running their operations.

Full Control

Restaurants and retailers continue to face security risks associated with civil unrest, workplace violence, and threats to their properties. Organizations need dependable and redundant layers of technology and talent to safeguard their business. A common pitfall many businesses encounter is implementing legacy stand-alone systems that are unable to offer additional value. An integrated solution is a perfect fit for organizations that seek to create synergies and value from their security investment.

Amphion, a leading security integrator, provides businesses with one source for all their security needs. Amphion Integrated Solutions (AIS) is a multi-layer physical security solution (CCTV, access control and intrusion detection) working together to provide retail and restaurant businesses with greater value and protection. By providing businesses with the ability to integrate systems that synergize together, they have growing confidence in the performance of their security portfolio. The foundation of AIS is built through long-standing relationships with some of nation’s finest security technicians. These relationships extend the reach of Amphion’s dedicated service and installation teams to ensure quality and consistency. AIS combines the necessary infrastructure with fanatical service to ensure customers succeed, in their own business, through the services provided.

 One of the greatest benefits of integrated services is having all layers of security managed by a single-source provider. This model streamlines the management, speed, and support needed to keep these security solutions fully operational, minimizing any downtime. AIS delivers a radically high level of customer service and technical support from one provider, by aligning all solution support through highly specialized technicians. AIS technicians specialize in multiple asset protection/shrink reducing technologies and services. Calling one number and being able to talk to a representative who is well-versed on all LP/AP solutions is understandably a main reason why many LP/AP executives continue to migrate toward an Amphion single-sourcing model.

Amphion’s commitment to customer service has always been the cornerstone of their core mission. That service moves to a new level through Amphion Integrated Solutions (AIS). This offering will take the reliability, integrity, and passion businesses come to expect from their team, and the dedicated security suite they provide, and enhance this capability through specialized monitoring to identify and correct any protection gaps in their customer’s current system.

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